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They rely on a jargon composed of Danish, Spanish, Hawaiian, and Inupiaq and Yupik words. Social Organization The manners and customs of the Inuit are remarkably uniform despite the widespread diffusion of the people. The highest such form of gift giving occurs when a head of a household offers the opportunity of a temporary sexual liaison with the most valued adult women of his household.

The women can refuse, then they present a different gift. Provision of Food The Inuit mainly eats fish, seals, whales, and related sea mammals.

These houses are rare in Greenland and unknown in Alaska.

The western branch, called Yupik, includes three distinct languages, Central Alaskan Yupik and Pacific Gulf Yupik in Alaska and Siberian Yupik in Alaska and Canada. The Inupiaq dialects have more than 40,000 speakers in Greenland and more than 20,000 in Alaska and Canada. In the former Soviet Union about 1,000 people spoke it. If one does not take care and help ones kin they will be ridiculed by the community. If someone of one group harms someone from another, there could be a possible blood feud. Some groups control disputes by means of wrestling matches or song duels. The loser of these might be driven from the community.

Explorers and traders do not learn these languages because they are some of the most complex and difficult in the world. The usual pattern is monogamy, but both polygyny and polyandry also happen. The husband and wife have their own tools, household goods, and other personal possessions. Alliances between groups that are not related are formed and maintained by gift giving and the showing of respect.

The oldest archaeological sites identifiable as Inuit date from about 2000 BC and are somewhat distinct from later Inuit sites.

They inhabit an area spanning almost 3200 miles and have a wider geographical range than any other aboriginal people and are the most sparsely distributed people on earth. History The Inuit share many cultural traits with Siberian Arctic peoples and with their own closest relatives, the Aleuts.

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