Accommodating diverse clients

The initial solution was successfully launched within 4.5 months in February 2012 (“AXA Connect”) and a series of further enhancements followed quickly thereafter including: the addition of more commercial products to the solution such as Fleet, Commercial Combined and Professional Indemnity; and the expansion of channels to include integration to all leading software houses in the UK market.

At all times the team utilised Acturis’ expertise and understanding of the software house market and developed a practical approach aimed at making use of existing infrastructure and functionality and ‘not reinventing the wheel’.

Acturis integrates with Premium Credit Limited, one of the leading insurance premium finance company in the UK and Ireland.

A tight two-way integration has been developed to ensure that Acturis contact and policy data is up to date on Brief Your Market daily and an audit trail of all communications sent using Brief Your Market is available on Acturis.The pace and digital trajectory AXA set out to achieve, meant that many of the delivery timelines were under 9 months – significantly quicker that previous deliverables.AXA and Acturis approached the strategy using the Acturis Saa S platform to expedite delivery of the solution using dedicated teams at both AXA and Acturis.Find out more at Fidelity Payment is a partner provider for taking card payments on Acturis.Fidelity Payment makes your payment processing simple and can potentially save you money through the provision of a lower cost acquiring bank facility for card payments.

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