Aircraft clock with gps time updating

The regulation provides complete details for doing the respective type of tests.[The appropriate FAA Airport/Facility Directory for your area lists VOR receiver checkpoints and VOR Test Facilities (VOT) you can use for the checks.] The key to your use of an aircraft using a VOR system for IFR flight is contained in subsection (d) of the rule.Lycoming O-320 E2D with Titan cylinders giving it 160hp, 272 (329) SMOH, S/N 23458-27A.Cold Compressions at Annual out of 80- #1-75, #2-76, #3-78, #4-78 Propeller: Two Blade Sensenich 70CN7S9-0-79, S/N 35153K KLN 89B GPS (IFR), Coupled to Garmin VOR head, Direct Download Port for updating GPS database in panel.Part 43 also provides definitions of the various types of maintenance and who is authorized to perform that maintenance.Great example of experimental flexibility, this RV6 started out as 6A and was converted to a taildragger at 44 hours TT.

I am asking if you check that its annual inspection is current. If so, was a proper record made of the data base installation?

Although the above information may be more than you wanted to read, the information provides the regulatory basis for performing the required operational checks for VOR and installing a data update to a GPS system.

For more information about all types of repairs, you should check the various appendixes to part 43, which define what are major repairs, major alterations, preventive maintenance, and the various types of inspections.

(4) If the work performed on the aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part has been performed satisfactorily, the signature, certificate number, and kind of certificate held by the person approving the work.

The signature constitutes the approval for return to service only for the work performed.

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