Android clock widget not updating

The only thing that seemed to work was restarting the phone.

Well, I knew there had to be some type of culprit to blame for this behavior.

I have tried on the stock launcher as well as Nova and a few others. Do you have greenify, or any other apps that kill background apps and processes?

android clock widget not updating-33

We continue to work on the widgets, but after doing a lot of digging and reading through a lot of documentation our lead developer has come to the conclusion that this is because Android no longer allows us to sync the system clock via services (which is what most of the widgets use).

Some are ready while others are outdated, incomplete, or simply not available for all devices: Phones: – ready: Apex, Nova, SPB Shell, Holo, ADW Launcher/EX – outdated: Go Launcher, Regina, Balancer Tablets: – ready: Apex, Nova, Holo – outdated: Go Launcher, SPB Shell, ADW Launcher/EX – not available: Regina, Balancer [/ac-toggle][ac-toggle title=”Why do you need so many permissions?

”] HD Widgets has a ton of utility switches and personalization features which require a lot of permissions.

My hunch about Samsung’s Touchwiz interface proved to be true when I decided instead of restarting the phone to instead restart the Touchwiz application.

After running a force stop on Touchwiz, my widget once again started responding to input AND updating. To get below: After killing Touch Wiz and then the system firing it back off, the widgets started to work again. After finding that the issue above keeps happening with all weather widgets I placed on home screen, I tried three of the big launcher replacements (Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex).

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