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I have been dating the a person who does just that for a few years.

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That includes a comfy recliner, a cuddly dog and a long movie.2.

Occasionally, we just need a break from the relentless streams of information being presented to us, whether that break happens digitally or in real life.

A new trend in anti-social media apps has surfaced, so check out these apps for the days when you want more control over your social life: 1. Initially it was constructed as a dating app for introverts but has since expanded its reach.

In this era of sharing everything, tweeting constantly, checking-in to every destination, and Instragramming every precious moment in your life, it can be difficult to find some semblance of peace or privacy.

And unlike what older generations may say about young people being obsessed with staying connected, it seems many are looking to keep some parts of our lives close to the vest.

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