Auto updating weather radar sites

The Bureau policy on using cookies can be found online at: Privacy Statement.You can however, bookmark a particular radar with your preferred map features, so that when you revisit that radar from this bookmark your preferred features will load.The images that make up the radar animation are not served from a *website.They are currently housed on a special highly available CDN (content delivery network).

If the above loops do not work for you, please use the FEEDBACK link to report the fault and to describe what shows on your web page instead of the working loops.If Javascript will not run in this browser, then you may wish to install another web browser which will run Java Script.Try Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera, ...This issue can be resolved by adding "*" as a trusted host to your web browser/add-blocking software or network settings (white-listed).If this issue is occurring on a corporate (work/office) machine you may need your IT Support people to make these changes for you. Microsoft Windows users only (any browser) Go to windows "Start" select "Control Panel". You will see a set of tabs in the dialog box "Keyboard", "Sound", "Display", "Mouse" and "General". If the "Use High Contrast" box is ticked, change this setting (un-tick it) and click OK.

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