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WWF started its projects in Azerbaijan in early 2000.

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In both times city looks pretty good and charmful but I would like to mention moments I like more in these pictures.

First of all its green areas, in above posted pictures I see more greenery and trees all round the city.

All the Caucasian offices of the WWF have a common ecoregional vision, goals, and objectives identified by the Ecoregional Conservation Plan (ECP), which is the joint work of some 150 experts from the Caucasus. In the east it is washed by the Caspian Sea, while it has long borders with the Russian Federation in the north and with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the south.

Daha Ətraflı3CX-in gündəlik ünsiyyət ehtiyaclarınızı necə təmin edə biləcəyini öyrənin.

They look fresh, colourful with less satellite and other kind of messy objects on it.

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One species of amphibian (Bufo eichwaldi), eight species of reptile (Darevskia rostombekovi, Eremias pleskei, Natrix megalocephala, Phrynocephalus horvathi, Phrynocephalus persicus, Testudo graeca, Vipera dinniki, V.

eriwanensis), seven species of bird (Anser erythropus, Aquila clanga, Aquila heliaca, Falco cherrug, Leucogeranus leucogeranus, Otis tarda, Vanellus gregarius), and six species of mammal (Capra aegagrus, Gazella subgutturosa, Ovis orientalis, Pusa caspica, Rhinolophus mehelyi, Vormela peregusna) are considered globally threatened.

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