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In this edition of the series, Brit Morin of the Beauty Squad rounds up her favorite ways to organize makeup.

This is an incredibly portable way to keep your makeup organized.

Each of your products comes in a tube that fits into the slots of the cylindrical holder.

Appealing to women can help a magazine to reach more subscribers, and some content simply sells better to women than to men.

If a publisher is wise with its strategies, it can greatly expand upon its reader base.

It will help you become more comfortable with who you are and express yourself in the way you want.

Articles include fashion, beauty, and pop culture and encouragement to by yourself.One of the biggest problems about stashing makeup in a drawer is that you have to shuffle through all your products just to grab the one you want.This quick fix solves that problem and puts your products on display in an aesthetically pleasing way by repurposing an old picture frame.They’re designed to snap and slide in and out of each case, enabling you to create a customizable makeup kit with no set size.This is a relatively simple idea, but really effective.

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