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Tiffany and Samantha have been good enough to volunteer for today's demonstration." The class bursts into applause, and a few cheers.

Several students reach over and congratulate the girls.

Naturally all candidates are encouraged to pay their debts, but once Invokement occurs, any remaining bills are ancient history. It is the official point of no return for the snuff candidate, and the second reason for the custom.

There's no sense announcing candidates' names well in advance because there's always a chance it will never come off.

There are several very good reasons for this practice.

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And because of the debt-elimination rule, she can live it up with no worries of anyone ever having to pay those advances back.Unfortunately, creditors are never paid, and law prohibits any recourse on snuffees' families, insurance policies, spouses, or significant others.But that should be a small sacrifice to make for perfecting the world's society, especially compared to what the snuff candidate is choosing to give up.Today we will be conducting a dual slow-hang with special accessories.We are going to have our victims wear very tall high heeled shoes.

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