Chatting with japan horni students

English lessons should be light-hearted and fun, not heavy and serious.

Great for learning the basics fast and getting to where you need to be without feeling lost.

I'd also like to find new friends(NOT dating first) in the world because want to know other cultures and thoughts. Also if you are interested in Japan or Japanese, I can help you. I like travelling, watching movies and sports, dancing and fashion. Also I’d love to learn more about foreign cultures and want to make friends in foreign cultures. hopefully I want someone who shares my favorites because they are almost minor among my friends. I want friends who talk about him with me and teach me about him x D Talk to me anytime!

We can chat on this site or another tools(Skype, Messenger, LINE or Discord) and maybe sometimes meet up for talking at cafes or restaurants in Tokyo if you come there. If you want to know some informations about Japan, I will look up about that and try to explain in English. We can have a chat in cafe, on-line or somewhere if you like!! I would like to practice English because I really want to improve my bad English. I can read and write simple English but I can't listen and speak so I think I need to practice more. I like watching movies, enjoying desserts, and going shopping. Also if you're a woman or college student speaking English and learning Japanese, we can learn each other's language by meeting somewhere! Hello, I used this website a while ago and found a great friend and I'm back to this site because I would love to meet new friends as many as I can!

The video discussion was broadcast live and made available on You Tube’s Sophia University Channel.

"Education that does not look toward service to others is an education that goes towards failure," Pope Francis told the students.

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