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Rev Steve Mitchell became Director of Club Solo in 1997 after serving on the Executive Committee for a number of years.Steve is a graduate of Kingsley Bible College and has a real pastor’s heart for singles.They were born into a successful and prosperous society, so they make perfect partners for long term relationships.Australia is a place where all people have dignity and are valued and respected.purpose is the Christian instruction, edification and education of single adults in Australia. And in January each year, we have the opportunity of all coming together for a 7 day holiday on Queensland’s Gold Coast.We also run a camp in NSW & Victoria each year with one in South Australia every second year.Generally, however, the climate is warm and temperate, particularly in the major coastal cities.The flora and fauna in Australia are unique among the plants and animals around the world.

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Infine, martedì 20 marzo, don Vincenzo Salerno, dell’associazione «La Viarte», di Santa Maria la Longa, presenterà l’esperienza salesiana.It is a stable, culturally diverse, and democratic society with one of the strongest performing economies in the world, along with a very low unemployment rate.Australia is so large that it experiences a variety of climatic conditions, from tropical monsoons to hot, dry weather and even snow.The Wesleyan Methodist Church has appointed Steve as a chaplain to Christian singles, through the vehicle of Club Solo.His wife, Michelle, who is a Bookkeeper, also brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the ministry team. Club Solo has a team of dedicated staff supporting this ministry, including ministers, counsellors, and other professionals.

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