Colorblind interracial dating

Much as with every generation, people are accepting interracial dating more and more, the fact that interracial dating is newsworthy enough for people to write articles about it tells us something – we still have a long way to go.

And when we keep asking the question: “Is love colorblind”, it’s enough proof.

Differences they dwell on may be stuff like profession or what pets they prefer.

Well, I am not saying that race doesn’t affect people in interracial relationships at all.

Whether they were Black or white, men who claimed not to notice race were more likely to prefer white women's profiles over Black women's."He thought it would be interesting to date an Asian woman because of the quiet, submissive image portrayed on 'Shogun,' " said Morrell, who instructs fourth-graders at a public school in Chinatown."I broke up with him because of that." Morrell, 26, is now married to Ernest Morrell, an African American man.People in interracial dating shouldn’t be described by color but their names and personality and the love they have for each other.Saying so and so is not White or the other person is not Latina doesn’t really say much about an individual.

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