Darin brooks and rachel melvin dating

Nick deduced that Artemis and Demarquette were not really China Lee's children, which she confirmed upon her release from jail.

She had been hired to protect the boys, but refused to retake custody of them.

While Nick was investigated by detective Roman Brady, he convinced Chelsea to go to the beach and destroy the hairbrush.

She was devastated and saw Nick's actions as a malicious trick, thinking that Nick used the online lover to secretly mock her while she reveled her inner thoughts and feelings for the first time.

Rolf planted, sustaining head injuries in the process.

While suffering from a concussion, Nick went to Las Vegas and married a woman named Cassandra Arvin, who was using the alias "China Lee".

This time around, Nick was portrayed as more of an antagonist than the protagonist he had previously became.

Berris exited the show again, and seemingly for good, when Nick was killed off in May 2014.

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