Dating a merchant seaman

The oldest known method of catching whales is to simply drive them ashore by placing a number of small boats between the whale and the open sea and attempting to frighten them with noise, activity, and perhaps small, non-lethal weapons such as arrows.

Typically, this was used for small species, such as Pilot Whales, Belugas and Narwhals.

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic images of these records can be searched online through our partner website.

The first prehistoric boats are presumed to have been dugout canoes which were developed independently by various stone age populations.

Please contact the Seafarers Standards branch of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) office for advice on further training requirements You require basic certification to work onboard any vessel – please see minimum requirements for working in the Merchant Navy.

Please be advised that in most circumstances our shipping clients prefer personnel to have previous ferry experience before they can be placed through our agency.

In ancient history, various vessels were used for coastal fishing and travel.

The Arabian Sea has been an important marine trade route since the era of the coastal sailing vessels from possibly as early as the 3rd millennium BC, certainly the late 2nd millennium BC through later days in the Age of exploration.

We are not able to assist with obtaining work permits for seafarers.

This fourth index comprises cards extracted from this series (BT 348), BT 349 and BT 350; it is organised in numerical order.

This index was formed after the register was replaced by the later Fifth Register in BT 382.

The basic entry level in the Engineering department is a Motorman, which can lead to a Fitter or GP1.

Currently the only entry route to Motorman is to be sponsored by a shipping company as it requires candidates to complete sea time onboard a sea going merchant navy ship in order to gain an Engine Room Watch Rating Certificate.

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