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Toad rock it 6 billion old rock we are gaping to 200 0r 300 steps up side clearly than its mountain up rock.

The place is just like a different planet on earth, the superb beautiful attractive place it is, the orange light covers the planet earth, paisa vasool, you can take photos there and enjoy with family....""...

The place was so overcrowded that it became difficult to find a place. And once the sun goes down, you'll find yourself being trampled by the crowd because everyone wants to go down all together, all at once!

There are a few places from which the sunset can be viewed properly. Overall, I really didn't like the place and the atmosphere either.

Oasis in the desert, thats what one feel when one sees Mt Abu.

The small town on top of mountains is cool and so unlikely what you expect in summers..."Tags: habitat, vegetation, natural environment, ecosystem, grassland, hill, ridge, forest, mountain, plateau, soil, meadow, trail, terrain"...

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