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It is important to note that the 36% number does not include people who are currently in relationships who are not either married or engaged, so the real number of “non-single” players is probably quite a bit higher than 36%.

There seems to be a general belief that MMOs are solitary games where people play by themselves.

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Most require players to purchase the software and pay a subscription fee to participate.

Some eaxamples are Ever Quest, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies among others.

Not surprisingly, many of the stereotypes and stigmas that people hold toward MMOs and MMO players are wrong.

This suggests that MMO players are no less healthy in their habits than the average American TV watcher, whether you consider that amount of time to be “unhealthy” or not.80% of players normally play with someone that they know in real life.Of this number, 25% play with romantic partners, with females being more likely to play an MMO with their partner. The younger or older someone is, the more likely they are to play with a family member, with the 23-28 year old range being the least likely to play with a family member.Additionally, the family member is normally a brother or son, with older female players being more likely to play the MMO with their son.Finally, 70% of the people that play with someone that they know in real life play the MMO with a friend.

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