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I just hope 2018 is also the year he ditches every single pair of shorts he owns.Update 12/23, 8 p.m.: A source has confirmed that Leo and Camila are not dating and that they are family friends.Eventually, though, friends and family convinced Emma that something was up; she used Reverse Image Search to find out where "Ronnie's" pictures were from and discovered that they were actually of a Turkish model named Adem Guzel.Emma kept the relationship going while she did more research and eventually uncovered Ronnie's true identity: Alan.He'd uploaded pictures of a "random male model" that he found online — a practice known as catfishing.To keep the ruse going, Alan made excuses for not meeting Emma in person, even as their relationship became serious, or at least, serious to her.

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Turns out, she goes by the name Bambi -- and we're told the two are definitely dating. On her Instagram account is where she shared her sentiments about the issue after a certain fan has sent her a direct message asking for a lighter view of the matter. God will deal with them.”“I know @mateoguidicelli kasi kasama ako sa movie na across the crescent moon . I know may gf sya and he loves Sarah please wag niyo ko damay sa mga walang kwentang issue . Lenny Kravitz is dating Brazilian model Barbara Fialho and she has something in common with his own daughter ... Kravitz and the Victoria's Secret model, who's 30, packed on the PDA Sunday while taking a stroll in Miami. Kravitz's own daughter is 29 and now stars on a Golden Globe winning TV show, "Big Little Lies," alongside Lenny's ex-fiancee, Nicole Kidman, so really nothing weird about this. MATTEO GUIDICELLI – The model from Cebu Sasha Tajaran speaks up about allegations of dating the actor Matteo Guidicelli.

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