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.75 Gold Blend 50 g Gold Blend is a considered mix of Jet Black Cavendish, bright and dark Virginias and fragrant Burley.In addition, there is an extremely pleasant note of Hickory Nut and Vanilla, while a touch of Cinnamon is added to ensure that Gold Blend is a unique smoking experience.It is from the 1983-84 series, the hallmarking dates it to 1984. Basically a system pipe with a spigot stem, this pipe is decorated with a broad silver cap over the stem.The band is marked “Peterson” over “Sterling Silver” and holds the usual hallmarks.As tobacco was not introduced to the Old World until the 16th century A pipe's fundamental function is to provide a relatively safe, manipulable volume in which to incompletely combust tobacco (and/or other smokable substances) while allowing the smoke drawn from this combustion to cool sufficiently for consumption by the smoker.Typically this is accomplished by connecting a refractory 'bowl' to some sort of 'stem' which extends and cools the smoke mixture drawn through the combusting organic mass (see below).

If I ever get the chance to purchase a second, I will.

It comprises a chamber (the bowl) for the tobacco from which a thin hollow stem (shank) emerges, ending in a mouthpiece (the bit).

Pipes can range from very simple machine-made briar models to highly prized hand-made artisanal implements made by renowned pipemakers, which are often very expensive collector's items.

On being sucked, the general stem delivers the smoke from the bowl to the user's mouth.

Inside the bowl is an inner chamber (2) space holding tobacco pressed into it.

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