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This year’s otaku report has been translated by Anime News Network.Something we tend to try and cover on Siliconera as often as we can is the visual novel genre.This growth was fueled to a great extent by the success of Konami’s (targeted at women) games on mobile phones.Note that this category doesn’t include hentai (adult) games, which tend to focus far more on erotic themes.Otome, after developers reflected on the games’ appeal to adult women, began to include situations like navigating a relationship with a coworker, or letting a guy down easy after two awkward dates.Playing an otome game is an incredibly lonely experience, as the fantastic and imaginative environments never allow you to forget that you are interacting with a developer’s image of an attractive man.

Digital manga, you’ll notice, is seeing growth, too.Electricity shortage, natural gas resources depletion and looming increase in petroleum prices calls for collective careful efforts by all stakeholders.With capital investment, we can develop new dams, nuclear power houses and adopt alternate bio-fuel technologies.It’s rare for classic otome games to employ any irony, unlike fun, comedic simulators like , in which the player woos and dates pigeons.Though the simulation is painstakingly detailed, it’s still an artifice. Also, otome games aren’t really intimacy simulators; they actually strive to make the player feel desired by multiple men.

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