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Outside of the main quest, I took Bayek on a trip to a local barracks to rescue a prisoner.Instead of segueing into the series’ Eagle Vision, our man uses the vision of an actual eagle to scope the scene and tag enemy locations.While King’s story is the stuff of fiction, a real-life version seems to be playing amid the manicured lawns and neat flower boxes of Canada’s largest city, where officials are digging for human remains after the arrest of a landscape contractor last month.

Coupled with a revamped combat system and the potential for more customisation, this could be enough to give this long-running series a new lease of life.While the Mc Arthurs appeared the very picture of a suburban family, Bruce Mc Arthur carried on another life, frequenting Toronto’s Gay Village, a neighborhood of leather bars and nightclubs that has been a focal point of the city’s LGBT community for decades.Things began to spiral out of control by the late 1990s, when he and his wife mortgaged their home and later declared bankruptcy.Moments later, several white police vans crowded the street, and officers began to sift through the contents of the garage, stuffed with tools, planters and bags of soil. But buried under the Santa costume and jovial demeanor, Mc Arthur had a dark side.A few days later, neighbors said investigators erected a large tent in the back yard and began using a generator to thaw the frozen ground in preparation for excavation. Every aspect was more horrifying, and I just — it was really hard to take.” Fraser and Smith, who were briefly allowed back into their home last week, said they had known Mc Arthur for a decade and had allowed him to store his landscaping equipment in their double-car garage in exchange for free yard work. Thomas Donald Bruce Mc Arthur was born in October 1951.

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