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The Augustus Siebe helmet gained a reputation for safety during its use on the wreck of the Royal George in 1840.The combination of safety and design features became the standard for helmet construction throughout the world, some of which were incorporated into the design of modern-day space suits.Douglas’ account of the file is prominently featured in SHOWROOM Vol. Number One being the first model and having one pocket, Number Two being the second and having, you guessed it, two pockets.Simple as that, 1,2, 3, bish bosh.* Read the rest of this entry » Not dissimilar looking to a Victorian torture device, we recently stumbled across this leather coursing leash.

Rewarding Siebe with the moniker “father of deep sea diving”.

First up is a collection of crowns, all bullion hand embroidered in wire thread and velvet, on military broadcloth backings.

These all happen to be Queen’s crowns, not the more angular King’s crown found for instance on the Air Ministry stamps of WWII when King George VI was on the throne.

Credit where credit is due, it’s down to the beady eyes of Dave Carroll from La Rocka, who spotted the striking similarity of this mid-century American tux with one worn by John Lydon on the Sex Pistols 1977 Swedish tour.

Both jackets are cut from a yellow silk damask fabric with black silk revers, and turn back cuffs.

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