Dating women with big butts

The cold, hard truth about what dudes think of a little junk in the trunk.

According to Sir Mix-A-Lot, if you don't got buns then his anaconda don't want none.

Your Tango asked eight men their thoughts on big butts. To me, it's more about the shape of the butt than the size. But just because something is 'bigger' doesn't make it better.

Totally anonymously and completely candid, here's what they had to tell us."I feel that some guys feel obligated to like big butts because that's the cool thing to do. Personally, I prefer women who live an active lifestyle, albeit with exercise, dancing, or gymnastics (you get the idea).

Women often have a misconception that most guys like skinny girls.

Suffice to say, I'm in favor of a nice big back porch.

My understanding is that white dudes were generally ho-hum about the endeavor until roughly the turn of the century.

and i'm not like obese but i'm definelty not skinny. To answer your question though, I'm not looking for stick-thin girls either.

Which is very limiting but thats what I find a better fit for me personally. Sometimes being abit curvy can be sexier than being slim if shes built for it and vice-versa.

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