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A funny thing happened to me on the way to writing my latest novel, Queen Takes King, in which a 45-year-old finds herself single after her 25-year marriage disintegrates. I was told by other single women over 40 who'd been in the dating pool longer than I had that there were "no men out there." And they didn't mean "no good men"; they meant "No men. Meanwhile, on the libido side, things were getting desperate. The Egyptian was, they claimed, some kind of sensual magician. Today I have two young boys to raise, and I'm not hot on introducing them to a new man. There's nothing like watching your gorgeous, good-natured, snowboarding, ladies' man nephew undergo weeks of heavy chemo to make you stop feeling sorry for your lonely self. And then, when I wasn't looking, there was a flurry of activity. To avoid confusion in the midst of this sudden man bounty, I put a method to my dating madness: As 2008 was a political election year, I decided to hold my own primaries.I found myself single after my almost-17-year relationship disintegrated. Period."I could have sworn I spied members of the male persuasion on L. That is, if you like your men hairless and sweating in yoga class, grunting through their vinyasas, dragon tattoos on their waxed calves, or perhaps speeding past in their silver BMWs, sporting Bluetooth sets, shaved heads, and glinting veneered teeth. Numbers were pressed into my hand and texted from Black Berry to i Phone. One evening over dinner, my older boy, Thug Number 1, asked if I'd ever get married again. My dates became "candi-dates," and I designated delegates (friends) and superdelegates (family) to help me vet them. He was sweet and funny, with an adventuresome nature; he thought up fun, original dates like a night on the Queen Mary to celebrate Mardi Gras with about 10,000 gyrating, feather-boa-wearing Brazilians.However, admitting ‘you’re divorced’ can initially be the hardest part.Ultimately, it may not be finding someone that is tough once you’re divorced; rather it could be finding yourself that becomes the challenge.I'm not going to tell you how the voting went down in the end, but eventually the other candidates fell away. Being divorced over 40 can be tough, especially when you are ready to date; some of us have been married for 15 plus years, and recently started getting back into the dating game after a divorce.Shortly after the end of my marriage to Chris Evans, I found myself filling in an bank application form.I dutifully wrote my name, my age and other personal details, working my way laboriously down the page. One that I had never even stopped to consider before, but which threatened to jump out of the page at me screaming 'loser'.

I still sign forms every few months which demand to know if I am divorced or single. Finally, we have a survey which reports that women no longer feel ashamed about being over 40 and divorced. My age brings me fresh confidence, and singledom brings me the freedom and independence I crave. The sad truth is it has taken three decades for divorce to become socially acceptable, and for women to feel they have the confidence and the right to rebuild their lives.

So, don’t hold that against him, and don’t ask too many questions about the divorce.

It’s a date, not an interrogation on his/her divorce. Know: You should know if you want to take it slow, or jump into a serious relationship, simply because your partner may want that. Or is it a serious relationship that will lead to marriage? In sum, when you’re divorced over 40, and single and you start dating it’s really important to keep in mind that you should tell the person you’re dating that you are divorced.

So, below are some steps to help you, get that push to admit to yourself that you are divorced over 40 and ready to date: 1. Your divorce is done and you’ve decided that now you’re ready.

Time: the best time to let someone know is when you first meet them. Don’t put yourself down for being divorced; it just makes you a stronger person. Be prepared: Be prepared to tell your partner, and be prepared because your partner may also be divorced.

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