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But he said British farmers are having to adjust their businesses amid a lack of clarity on the impact of Brexit.Mr Dickinson said: “We are heavily reliant on workers coming over from eastern Europe to pick our fruit and that’s the same across the agricultural industry.The farm is dependent on seasonal workers from eastern Europe, but owner Angus Davison said the farm is cutting the workforce by 20 per cent due to lack of clarity over the status of workers, and would consider expanding abroad.: “I would feel very, very sad for the people here, after 30 years of building together.The water in the bay was a deep clear green and I watched white wide-winged gannets pose, plummet and pierce the calm surface, their swift impact flinging up fountains of spray.Aroa was my personal idyll – the island of my dreams, three miles off the New Zealand coast, where I lived as a young British woman, blissfully alone with only my flock of sheep, horses, sheepdogs and other animals for company.Britain’s low unemployment rate and the seasonal nature of the work makes it difficult to attract domestic workers.

The farm’s marketing manager Ralph Dickinson told the farm was not “outsourcing” growing to China and flying crops back to the UK, but was capitalising on increasing Asian demand for berries.

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A Brexit deal restricting freedom of movement would leave them with even fewer people to help harvest their crops and has led to calls for the return of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Scheme (SAWS) which ended in 2013.

The scheme granted work permits to people from outside the EU who could come to the UK on a temporary basis.

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