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The Ministry decides whether an acquisition conflicts with vital national interests.Only corporate acquisitions in the defense and dual-use goods sector are subject, without exception, to advance confirmation by the Ministry.They are members of the European Union and part of the euro area.

Finnish tax authorities treat the movement of ownership of shares in a Finnish company into a foreign company as a taxable event.Het juridisch bezwaar van de Consumentenbond tegen het Vinkje is door de VWS-commissie bezwaarschriften gegrond verklaard. cid=ext_googleplus_misleidende-vinkjesWat houdt Beste uit de Test of Beste Koop in?De Consumentenbond geeft 5 verschillende predicaten uit.Finland offers highly skilled, educated and multilingual labor force, with strong expertise in ICT, mobile technologies and renewable energy production.The GOF has taken steps to attract foreign investment by creating a network called Team Finland to promote foreign investment and foster the country’s international image.

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