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Be prepared to be restrained on the St Andrew’s Cross and caned, or to be queened and used as a toilet or human ashtray, you may even be bondage tied to the bed, put in a straight jacket and your cock and balls tortured.

DEPOSIT FOR SESSIONS TIPS for THE BEAUTIFUL MISTRESS I am the world’s ONLY INDIAN DOMINATRIX with many years of global sessioning experience and an unmatched skill set.

My slave is completely dehumanized and feminized beneath layers of leather and bondage. I love fucking machines and the Serious Kit attached to a genuine dairy milking machine is my favorite one so far! The latex slave is fully enclosed in a body bag, and whilst strapped down tightly to the bondage table has his vulnerable parts exposed for the two Mistresses amusement.

Lady Victoria Valente has her slave just where she wants him.

When you enter into the live dominatrix cams you will quickly find beautiful women but these are not just sexy women who want to strip off and tease you and make you cum.

These are Beautiful, sadistic mean Bitches that want to make you suffer and that is exactly what they will do in any type of cam session with you.

A spurned wife teamed up with her two-timing husband's mistress to take revenge by hiring enforcers to kidnap and torture him, a German court has heard.

Wrapped tightly in cling film with his cock exposed for repeated milkings.

She starts off by sitting firmly on his face and proceeds to tease and torment his cock.

The cuckold slave humiliation continues as Mistress T puts his head in a position for a great view as they fuck right above his face.

The sex slave follows her commands, fucking her until she has an orgasm whilst holding off his own.

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