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Es gibt immer einen Weg, einen Kompromiss zu finden, der Respekt zueinander bewahrt.

Sie genießt ihre Arbeit viel, da es etwas, das sie liebt zu tun – helfen anderen Menschen in Not und sehen Ergebnisse ihrer Hilfe.

There is always a way to find a compromise preserving respect to each other.

She enjoys her work a lot as there is something she loves to do – helping other people in need and seeing results of her registered on 2018-02-27 and has updated on 2018-02-27 and will expire on 2018-02-27.

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Chatting to the old soldiers at Kensington Palace ahead of the premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square the prince, a former Army officer, quizzed the men, now in their late 90s, about their experiences.

The Prince of Wales (right) joined Dunkirk veterans and stars of Hollywood such as former One Direction star Harry Styles (left) for the premiere of the latest Christopher Nolan film about the evacuation of British troops Learning from the best: Prince Harry (left) spent this afternoon chatting with war veterans at Kensington Palace in London before he and his party guests attended the premiere of the new Second World War film, Dunkirk Bending their ears: Harry learned first hand about the massive 1940 operation to save hundreds of thousands of servicemen from advancing Nazi forces when he met men who had been on the French beaches.

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