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Videos have become the preferred medium online these days.

You should share your video across the web by embedding it to your website for easier access. Just copy and paste the share code found on the ‘Publish Settings’ section to your web code page.

Da Cast has partnered with Akamai, one of the best CDNs available in the market.

Viewers of wildlife broadcasts tend to be very devoted and come from all over the world.

If you are streaming indoors, like kittens or puppies, then you have a lot of leeway in your camera setup. You can also use professional cameras as well, although will need a capture card if you do.

A lot of animal streaming is not done indoors, though. In this scenario, IP cameras, or security/surveillance cameras, are a good bet for wildlife streaming.

You can either use a cameraman for your live stream or you can set the camera up on a hidden and secure place if you want to stream live 24/7.After getting all your equipment into place, it’s time to set up your live channel.This can be done in your Da Cast account or another service.You have to pick a streaming service with a reliable content delivery network (CDN).A CDN ensures that your content will be broadcasted live all over the globe without clogging your servers.

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