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Therefore, we only do it when it is necessary, when the schedule of our family requires it.An example of this is when Maria’s older children are at swim team practice.The other 10 percent, with only the "G" versions of the gene, showed no IQ advantage or disadvantage from breastfeeding.” “is following the development of 14,000 children born between 19.

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People get so caught up about women exposing their breasts in public that they forget the true issue here is not women’s rights or the feelings of adults.For someone to insinuate that formula is “just as good as breastmilk” is not just shameful, it is a flat out ignorant.For us at Natural Parenting Advice, the research motivated us to nurse our children despite working full-time.The thought of children having to suffer with asthma or diabetes for their entire lifetime motivated us to breastfeed and express breast milk despite traveling for work and spending long hours at the office.We feel strongly that the number one thing we can to ensure the health of our offspring is to nurse them for the first year or two of life while their immune and digestive systems are developing.

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