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The Rodham's neighborhood had enforcers, members of the Mafia organization, the 'Black Hand,' resulting in shootings, knifings and dynamitings.

With George Rodham's political clout, Anna May – abandoned by her husband – opened a questionable hotel and a beer-and-gin joint in the heart of Scranton's infamous red-light district – Rodham's Hotel, on Franklin Avenue.As documented in my book, Hillary had a great-uncle, George Beale Rodham, who became a corrupt political boss in Scranton - a forebear whom she has rarely talked about publicly.He was born on November 19, 1889, in the Rodham family's first homestead on U. soil - a drab, wood-frame house at 1103 Blair Avenue, near the coal mines and lace factory where immigrants from Italy, Ireland, Poland and Germany worked.Hugh Rodham, who died in April 1993 at the age of 82, felt the same way about the old family homestead in Scranton, which he also inherited, and later sold to another family friend, Hazel Price.'Hugh did not take everything out of the attic,' Price told me for my book, State of the Union about the Clintons.

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