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Shutterstock So you’ve been getting vibes from this one guy all night, and you’re definitely feeling him.

You know you’re not looking for a relationship but at the same time you kind of want to make this guy yours, just for the night. We all get that urge to get some and to have some fun between the sheets, especially when we’re single.

You’re both there for some fun in bed and that’s about it. Shutterstock One of the worst things you can do is to hook up with a friend.

Even if the sexual and physical attraction is mutual, there has to be a line drawn between friend and friend with benefits (FWB).

If it really turns into just a one-night-stand, remember that is what the real plan was.

At the same time, don’t fall into the trap of calling or texting him the day after, unless you two have agreed on making this more than a casual thing.

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Whatever the case is, you may not want to spill all of the details, otherwise your friends may start judging you and seeing you in a negative light.

You don’t want to go into a booty call thinking that this may become something more or that maybe this guy will be your next man.

Take things at face value and accept it for what it is.

He doesn’t know your body just like you don’t know his.

Don’t expect mind-blowing out-of-this-world sex, especially if you two have had a little to drink.

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