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' ' Ic Mananfaii said lh6 far exceeds' presait CSI ■ nwiiewwdrtolocalsaii rating needs. TTie National Weather Service received numerous - reports of funnel clouds north pi Wheatland and near Guernsey. Guenisey, and an Inch ln Guernsey." In South Carolina, another twister, accompanied by hiftti winds, hall and heavy rain, set ddwn at Gadsden, ,. Blcydlag may be the only vearrrotind.outdoorsport wehavt n Twin Falls."-. We are enthusiastic about the program but it is goh Jg to _bedifflcult to I niolement it with |lm1ted staff. ''There are prp-__^r_,., imiilcnnw credence in complainfssomany years bicms at all places. omploycd by the Ed Roueran U Meat -Mra.-Phillip-(CUudia)-Thomas,-and a — Market* for sovorai ycnrsr Ho-wara- brother, Kurt Albrethsen. "■-hli-grandmotherar-Mwr-Emma ^Therearono knowniurvivoi Albrethsen ot Hilloy And Mrs.

'-Since tsen;he»)t«l; thai hiisbeen a 26 percent increase M electrical taletant another increase Is loje uiaii'i luuiluu galluu ol hut waur a liay.- — wa»t|i l ana,imu. '- " ' ~' A tornado produced by an Intense tliunderstorm and ■ hall shower damaged a farm building In Wheatland, Wyo., and caused a power outage In the castem Wyoming town at mid-aftemoon. Inches of hail on the ground between Wheatland and ' ■ :. and began moving east at about 35 : miles per hour.-Thc NWS said other tornadoes were - ' sighted in Orangeburg and In Lexington counties. Meanwhile,, residents retumed.their splintered ..homcs-ln Tulsa,. ^ Commuters find hiking a^ymr-^^ -j- Bicycles provide ^^^^^ — . "L it snows around here la the morn- - ing, the nads are clear at noon; so you go. ^ i Jatsmimfci Ums Ie TOi, who worked In the —Ai Tte TNi Uk«niieniheri-b«lleve;-t Iiai^^^ -i rih^- i Mnip, I- th. ___Hendcrson-said most Tiraividuals in Idaho who receive welfare payments do not want to remain on state support. JTJiials one opportunity we canjil Ulze lo helpihcm gain some skills so they can become productive citizens In our area." be said. " "We fiave to figure out-a way to implement the program without fat," he said.' "It does appear, however, we'll be able to Implement the program and make it work by cutting out other service areas. An annual show was held last month by (he Welcome Wagon. plaints, he sold he di d not place m uch "hearsay.'-' H o said . Three other Minidoka doctors have never be able to ryn any Institution." HAILEY - Glen Albrcthicn. a"w Itrthc circus -all of Boise; hia parents, Matin and — betpro moving to Rupert, where he was Lucille Albrethsen of Halley; a outer.

Conwip- tion of durablevgoods, like jijiator • Price Inflation, as incasured withln-i • the GNP computations, Increased 9,9 percent at an annual rate In the fij Tt" Suarter, compared to 10.4 percent m' ie-rourth~quartef ol last year. ^"^- ■■ ■ - , The district also -will need extra Even though" the district passed -;j^ia,in Qjiropwed overrlde]eyy d^^ berly Elementary Sdwol addition will— measures such as boarding up wln- - ? If you feel that lyou could ^ help us,' and would like more Informotlon, contact: r Marlene L. -Clreulotlon and United Press International Pubilihtd' doily ot 132 Third Siraal _VV»»1. SI .25 p«r w Mk; Rural Motor Roulo Daltvary S3.40; _SL35ji Bi:.j«BBk J3fl H)LSL5fi;_Si(n:_ day only 50'. ~ Tbe first round of voting ts Sunday and if no candidate captures a major]- nj M^^ both in Beirot and . power station was bushed up for more than 40 days by tbe plant's i^ierators. He was p receded In- death by a son, a brother," sister. RUPERT — Services (or Alrha ' Martlndalo.-74;' of-Rupertrwho died - -Wedrm h-todoy-^i Friday, will be at p.m. rr BENEDm*s Adap JUed Bill Smith of Bliss; Katharine Ambrose, Maria Gonzalez, and "Rltaf Benav Idta,' all of Wcndeirr Ora"Dari Ic IS,-Shrrlcy T)a V isrnnd* _George. -Okml ^ ^ Cameron of Bellevue; Mrs.' Klp Gun SCirnranniby-jilrl-Me ' both of Murtau Rh; M cla nle Jacobs and Donna Saldana,.t9)ih of ' Burloy; and Mary Orchardandsonof Sbbshone. ant TMra-Piii] Egbert of Klmbc Hy, and Becky —Schultzof Gooding.-and a son to Mr-and Mr Sr-Tlm Norrtsof-Twin- Falia. Dora Mc Govem of Coodlag, ood Lesha Conym of Wendell.

Con- sidner prices, measured by the Con- sumer Pric e Index. s he"wl U hayeloimt »95i000rrom Be Tnuscandmon^w IUheneedcfffw dows Tiave Been lak"enl6'save money, ■ I budget. Able, Administiratbr Magic Valley Home Health -J -'ri676 Shoup Aven Ue Weil: No. Mall •ubtcrlpllon* paid In odvonca (told only vvhar* carriar dallvaiy 1« inainlolnad): -Dolly'er punuani to day I* haraby da*lgnctad o* lha day of tha waah on which laogi nolica* wilj ba publl*)i«d. OO0 less from Idaho this year and f^W^ least ', Oti O- less from federal fact money received to offset the However,— taxpayers "Tvlll not- be— Sm Ith~said,"~"We:wlir"ask~fflr"an~ required to pay more taxes than last ; overiideandltwill be higher than last Tbe Lrtwneie werao Oiebd Htby tbe Frendi claim that only JJii Intenia- tionatiorce, with omdtbont Ld Huwse lielp, could stop theflghtbi K. The Ministry of Inferiiatlonal Trade' and Industry ottered an lmraedlate safety die^ on all Japan's 22 nuclear' ____ ' " " Bwing-tfae d ls co v - ery that operators of the Tsuruga - plant failed to report a leair of radio- ~ activewaste— thesecondcover-upat , the 11-year old plant this year. could go to any compaiiy and start a witch hunt if I wanted one. Violets contain 9 chemical sub- stance; known as' looone, whlcb lem^ porarily deadens the sense 0/ smell. ■Dttiilel-Jr Gerkei Kifflejatlagraurlal-wjll bo In-Sunsct Memorial . today in White Mortuif^ Chapel with Paihcr tho Rupert 4th Ward Chapel. "Ofi family suggests memorials to the' Coitral Of- , flce Fundandeanbemalledlo Boxlite.

Tttln Falls -JUeadedgul Kyloarcducciichargeof petty larceny.- - - Robinson was onginaily charged witli grand larceny a felony. the colossal scoring feats of diminutive Cfllvin_ £dampntally-sound-&asketbairthl3— threfl-mint..^^ s IJeor Russia___^ _ cllmlnaled-52.ga|ne- winner San , But If you want reams of ano- Antonio in -.their bcst-of-seven nymity and even larger doses of . Tbe Rockets won both ftin,.you-mght^want-to-aitiie-out — Tonhelr-gamea-againstthe^Lakera- „West_I(ii Lj Jie: other;. : — Ford— tias , -not— played since breaking an (wblt when he was accidentally poked. And wii u tl v h h rtheljig- ^ — C mllnanri f r om pag e Cl Rodgers-had-dropped-out-twlceanil ' flnlmed Hlb In addition to -his four I ^ S."*'^ W^o' beayihr .,.win8.... :: | This time, Seko dahned the lead four miles 'from the finish and; hi* creashig his mai^ with vlriualiy; every step, was acconmanl M by only police escorts over tbefhul mile, r -- - Seko, who usually enters Just the Fukuoka nia^thon,. records for 25 and 30 kllometars las C month in New Zealand.- - He- 1^ U» fl''^ Japanese wtainep Seko and Vlrghi were side-by-slde gohig up the gruelling bills of Newton — the point where Rodgers had taken over the 1B79 race.

and-Boslon Z Celtics expect to engage in some of ^ the most meticulous, most fun*' Blazers in Portland and two of their four against the Suns In j-Phoenlxr-lncludlng- Gam? " Sunday.- ■"■■-■rr''---- Houston beat defending champi- _on Los Angeles in their, best-of- For those folks who only read' final scores — for those folks who fa Ued to appreciate the fhie de* feiisivr^pifl3rbr3Diy-pft(iitz*«r Karecm ^Khil-Jabbor in the Los- Angeles scries and. - - The Ml center — called by Kansas City Coach Cotton Fitzalmmnitt eari W tht« ■ Malooe Is reason enough to explain Houston's presence in tbe 'Western finals. ' .'Kan^ City's presence Is in^- _p Ueab Ie., Fitzshninons Josttvdhof. — at least certified hi Kansas City if not nationally — hi guards Phil Ford and Otis Blrdsong. Maine, was lb rd._J:»L"''.'^^.8P««-r'r~-inhisi9ra — - Was leadbig beat Ung bito tbe Ne^^ i hills,-but Rodgera caught and passed hlmtosethisttien-Americanmark. his third-place fhiisb or his Inability to becomd^the first man to whi four stralght Bdstons.

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