How not to repeat dating disasters greg proops dating

You need to seriously consider if this relationship is worth preserving.End abuse Couples who create feelings of equality in their partnership tend to be more successful over the long haul.It’s a rough reentry into the dating scene, just as the title tells us.Haley’s dating disasters include a fellow who turns out to be a spectacularly poor fit courtesy of her mother’s attempt at matchmaking, a cholesterol-obsessed guy on the rebound and an old flame that suddenly, brilliantly reignites, though anyone who’s been burned in love will worry that this last is a case of playing with fire. Her gay brother, who’s egging her on, is one; another is a chap she met at an ill-fated Buddhist dinner party, a gent left unnamed save for the sobriquet “Bug Guy.”Wood, who played Cassandra in the Huntington's production of “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” relays Haley’s story with a momentum that brooks not a moment’s doubt.We get to know Haley Walker (Haneefah Wood), the lone onstage character in Theresa Rebeck’s crowd-pleasing one-woman show “Bad Dates” (at the Huntington Theatre Company mainstage through March 3), from a series of conversational musings that are defined by sudden changes of topic, narrative zigs and zags, overheard phone calls, brief exchanges with her tween daughter Vera, endearing confidences and, finally, a grand convergence of wildly disparate story threads that don’t tie up into a nice red bow so much as speak to Haley’s arrival at a place of personal responsibility.It’s only by diving deep under the surface that we come to understand why this is important.Whether playing a moment with convivial flair, describing the exasperations she endures, or facing up to her missteps in a poignant confessional scene, she inhabits Haley’s life, complete with the character’s wistful desires and self-delusions.It’s a complex role, full of potential pitfalls, but Woods brings Haley fully to life.

But her primary focus turns out to be her personal life, which she’s now trying to kick-start after too many years spent concentrating on work.The latest tragedy unfolding in Syria is all too familiar – and getting worse. But behind the canvas of suffering, increasingly there is a deeper issue: a policy of U. passivity that is eating away at our global posture and interests. It undermines American credibility around the world at a time when multiple adversaries, including North Korea, Iran, and Russia, are probing American will to defend our interests. Assad's gains are Iran's and Russia's gains – and our losses. is watching as Syrian President Bashar Assad and his backers, Iran and Russia, commit war crimes against a long-besieged population that dares to continue to oppose him. Nearly 400,000 people live in this enclave, according to U. figures, and they are dying by the score under merciless air attacks, deprived of aid supplies and medicines as Assad intentionally targets hospitals. It strengthens jihadists’ claims that we are aligned with Iran and its campaign of sectarian slaughter. cannot claim to be containing Iran or standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin while capitulating to Assad.This is a play with a certain texture, a kind of openness that consciously lowers the fourth wall and engages in a little mild interaction with the audience, starting with Haley asking us what we think of her shoes.Once she’s got us warmed up, Wood seems to expect — even anticipate -- the murmurs that her onlookers, now invested in her story, give up at the show’s dramatic and revelatory junctures.

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