I8510 over the air updating dallas accommodating lens

Friends, I want to understand the difference between updating i OS through OTA VS through ITunes.I see that the update size on ITunes for i OS 8.3 is more than 1 GB as oppose to about 280 MB through OTA.You mac folks have it a bit better from what I'm told, so I understand why you'd use it.Either way, that's my answer, for whatever its worth.

The most common problems are: Battery life, Wi/Fi Problem, Blue Tooth Issue, or Software Bug.Please share wich way would be a better option to go with for updating i OS.Given that Apple allows people to update i OS either way, they are both good choices.Well the big notice difference as you mention above is Starting with OTA/ Over the Air For some people who are confuse OTA and Over the Air means the same thing.FILE size The OTA updates provides a delta update only while i Tunes provided the whole build.

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