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The New York Times reviewed my first novel (A Conspiracy of Tall Men) in their Fiction in Brief section.It was the first and last time the Times has reviewed a book of mine (though they did include The Good Father in their new and noteworthy section earlier this month).

Instead of being judged (on our merits or by any other criteria) we are simply being ignored.Allen ultimately realises that the prime cause of his son’s descent has a more ­specific cause — his parents’ messy divorce.Perhaps Danny’s chief instigator is not some rogue operative, but rather his absent father, who chose the relative ease of 60-hour working weeks over the tough slog of looking after an overly sensitive boy.Was the profoundly alienated young man, who had been wandering the country after dropping out of university, brainwashed by former Special Forces operatives disguised as fellow hobos?Allen’s investigation soon turns into an obsession.

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