Internet dating warning signs

A stalker might get delusional and imagine you’re playing games or that your “No” means yes.

So be very clear and down allow a room for misinterpretations. Let everyone know this particular person is not welcomed in your life.

Be careful and don’t give out your phone numbers or social media contacts.

Also don’t allow them to drive you home or meet with your friends.

If someone you know seems to always appear wherever you go, are always at your door, or seem like they have been watching or following you, you need to immediately get a restraining order.

Also if someone breaks into your house, tries to harm you, or emotionally manipulates you by threatening to commit suicide, you must get the police involved.

The less they’ll know about you, the safer you are.

At the first sign of danger, be firm and let them know you are not interested.

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The point is not that they are bad people, the point is that the relationship is bad for you.

It is so sad to hear stories of people trapped in an unhealthy relationship and they can’t seem to get out of for one of two reasons.

1) They don’t realize or accept that the relationship is unhealthy or 2) they don’t have the emotional strength or courage to break free thinking that if they stay there things will get better. Usually an unhealthy relationship only gets progressively worse over time until the relationship totally dissolves.

Substance abuse and personality disorders are two common factors often found in stalkers.

Based on psychological study, stalker types have been broken down into four main categories: Something that seems like a romantic gesture to one person could be seem like an invasion of privacy to another.

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