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It seems Hansel and Gretel have finally met their match and, if that wasn't bad enough, the ruthless Sheriff Berringer has decided that he will embark on his own kind of witch hunt, endangering half the women in the town.Continue: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer Ex CIA agent Bryan Mills mercilessly slaughtered the majority of perpetrators of a European sex trafficking ring in order to retrieve his teenage daughter after they kidnapped her and her friend whilst they were on a trip to Paris in 'Taken'.After successfully slaying the evil creature, they became witch hunters; bounty hunters of the fairy tale world, constructing various brutal ways of trapping and exterminating the monsters that threatened villages around the world with the added benefit that malevolent curses and spells had little effect on them.One day, the Mayor of Augsburg, recognising their widespread notoriety and expertise, enlists the brother and sister duo to end the torment that is infecting one town and its surrounding forests at the hands of the sorceress Muriel who is kidnapping children with the intention of sacrificing them for the forthcoming Blood Moon.

The only major competition for Taken 2 comes in the form of two animated films, the starring Hotel Transylvania.

Continue reading: Taken 2 Review Taken 2 is expected to shove aside all it's competitors at the Box Office when the kidnapping sequel hits cinemas over the weekend, with pre-release audience surveys suggesting that the action flick could take up to -50 million.

's Europa Corp for about million, a sizeable increase compared to the last instalment.

Not only does it have that same appalling moral vacuum at the centre (it doesn't matter how many irrelevant people you torture and kill to rescue your loved one), but the plot becomes increasingly absurd as it progresses. The action picks up shortly after Bryan (Neeson) has recovered from his ordeal in Paris.

His daughter Kim (Grace) seems to have forgotten it completely, and soon she and her mother Lenore (Janssen), Bryan's ex, jet off to Istanbul to join him after he finishes a business meeting.

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