Leo star sign compatibility chart for dating

If Leo can understand Gemini`s need to cut loose and roam free; and Gemini, his need to run the world and bask in glory, it may turn out to be a very good combination of air and fire.Her wonderful imagination can add a new kind of excitement to their physical relationship.Seek the guidance from India’s leading astrologers who can help you give you a clear and personalized picture of your relationship based on your birth details. Leo Man – Gemini Woman This combination will soon reveal that they are not a very good match.

But Aries female is constantly coaxing her Leo partner into revealing his past sexual encounters.

Leo man is impressively capable of handling all situations with effortless grace and would find her unpredictable behaviour irritating.

Despite this, there is good reason to be optimistic about this pairing.

But bulls need loyalty and affection, while Leos need to be worshipped with neither getting enough of it from the other.

This essentially could be stated to be the heart of the problem.

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