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Currently, there are there are only two topic channels: Tech and General.

But there's already a fair bit of activity on both, with a growing list of archived Blabs near the bottom of the home page.

In a way, the app feels kind of like Meerkat or Periscope for groups.

In fact, many users I encountered last night said they were heavy users of both apps, and more than a few users said that they were enjoying Blab more as a social tool.

It is up to social media platforms what content is removed or blocked on their sites.

The Crown Prosecution Service require a 'high threshold' to intervene when it comes to trolls.

The video and sound quality aren't pristine, but they're good enough for as much detail as you'd need for a casual chat.

It's also (at least so far) a lot easier to use than the aforementioned services.

As Facebook and Yahoo recently demonstrated, video streaming apps are the hottest new app category.

But last night I found out that the real, bleeding-edge video chat action is happening on an little known website called, where four people can video chat simultaneously as an audience watches, comments and can instantly switch places with one of the four video chatters.

Hopping from room to room to meet new people (yes, this could also turn into a blind date app of sorts) is pretty fun.

Whether Blab can weather the storm of competing video streaming apps currently flooding the market before being copied or outright acquired by bigger players, even while it's still in the starting gate, remains to be seen.

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