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I’ve spent hundreds of nights in hotel rooms, but never have I heard something loud… There’s stuff in peoples’ mouths (other than body parts). Lets just say that the female has already had a three course meal, but is still hungry (or perhaps is being paid by the hour and trying to make “big daddy” feel good). In 1963 Christine Keeler was taken to court over sex allegations which led to the Profumo scandal becoming public.In 1966 Bob Monkhouse faced a charge of conspiracy to defraud film distribution companies, and in 1967 former television presenter Katie Boyle gave evidence against a man facing careless driving charges after an accident.A WAITRESS who bedded Orlando Bloom was sacked after her bosses found her naked in his hotel room.Viviana Ross, 21, hit it off with the Pirates of the Caribbean star while pouring his drinks and went with him to his five star suite when her shift ended.somewhat related to "Can a hotel kick you out if you let an unregistered guest share a room with you?

The courthouse featured in many tabloid newspaper stories throughout the 1960s and 1970s in particular.

Or, if you're not as skift as as exchange student and are actually in Japan (or most anywhere in Asia, really), you could go rent a love hotel and get a circular bed, mirrors on the ceiling, and bondage Hello Kitty watching over you.

But I have the ability to selectively tune things out. Yeah, I try not to think about where the water is coming from.

He was an exceptionally good lover.” Viviana and Orlando, 40, hit it off when she poured his drinks during his five-day stay at the five-star Chiltern Firehouse restaurant and hotel — one of London’s biggest celebrity hangouts.

The friend said: “After her shift on the Friday night she got changed into normal clothes, left the bar and bumped into Orlando outside.

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