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Bombay Presidency (roughly equating to the present-day Indian state of Maharashtra, excluding South Maharashtra and Vidarbha) was merged with the princely states of the Baroda, Western India and Gujarat (the present-day Indian state of Gujarat) and Deccan States (which included parts of the present-day Indian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.On November 1, 1956, Bombay State was re-organized under the States Reorganisation Act on linguistic lines, absorbing various territories including the Saurashtra and Kutch States, which ceased to exist.People did not turned up to support him during fast and stayed in home following self-imposed curfew, Janata Curfew.Just before the declaration of carving three states as Nehru suggested, 180 members of Parliament suggested return to bilingual Bombay state together.On May 1, 1960, Bombay State was dissolved and split on linguistic lines into the two states of Gujarat, with Gujarati speaking population and Maharashtra, with Marathi speaking population After India gained independence in 1947, Bombay Presidency became part of India, and Sind province became part of Pakistan.

Gandhian activist Ghelubhai Nayak actively lobbied for accession of Dang in Gujarat.

Morarji Desai did not listen them and police repression resulted in death of five to eight students.

and founded Mahagujarat Janata Parishad to guide movement.

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Mahagujarat movement, known as Mahagujarat Andolan locally, was a political movement demanding the creation of the state of Gujarat for Gujarati-speaking people from the bilingual Bombay state of India in 1956.

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