Men of color dating dating in vadodara gujarat

In addition, men didn’t believe the red-bordered woman was more likable, kind, or intelligent—only that she was more attractive and sexually appealing.

Nicolas Gueguen, a psychologist at the University of Southern Brittany in north-western France, wasn’t satisfied with lab studies alone, so he moved his investigation to the field, to see if these lab results also applied in the real world.* Gueguen hired five brunettes between the ages of 19 and 22 to pose as hitchhikers.

When 80 cars passed by, the woman retreated and changed her T-shirt, randomly choosing from a menu of black, white, red, yellow, blue, and green.

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As with the artificial sextuplet thought experiment, six identical-looking women (apart from the color of their T-shirts) were effectively competing for the attention of thousands of male suitors.The researchers were also careful to show that the effect was specifically tied to sexual interest.They showed, for example, that when heterosexual women rated the attractiveness of the same female stranger, they weren’t swayed by the border’s color.During a nine month period, 64 women who were looking to meet a man agreed to post their pictures on an online dating website.Gueguen and Jacob used digital software to create six photos for each woman, identical except for the color of their T-shirts.

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