Messianic dating under the huppah broken

The first cup accompanies the betrothal blessings, recited by the rabbi.After these are recited, the couple drinks from the cup.

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Just as the world was built in seven days, the kallah is figuratively building the walls of the couple's new world together.

In Jewish law, a marriage becomes official when the chatan gives an object of value to the kallah. The ring should be made of plain gold, without blemishes or ornamentation (e.g.

stones) ― just as it is hoped that the marriage will be one of simple beauty.

[At this point, the Sefardic custom is that the chatan says the blessing She'hecheyanu over a new tallit, and has in mind that the blessing also goes on the marriage.

The tallit is then held by four young men over the head of the chatan and kallah.] Two cups of wine are used in the wedding ceremony.

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