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“I tell filmmakers who come to us, ‘Take everything you is MTV and just put that away, because that’s not what we do here.’” Prior to joining MTV, Lazin graduated from the acclaimed masters program in Documentary Film Production at Stanford University.She came to New York in 1985 when While the majority of her work over the past 20 years has been at the MTV television network, where she’s held a variety of production executive positions, Lazin continues to direct films.We believed our audience wanted to get really meaty, interesting stories.And we always were one of the highest-rated programs on the channel.For an audience unfamiliar with news and specials programming at MTV, can you talk about how MTV evolved from a music video channel to programming? And the more rigorous and thoughtful the pieces were, the higher the ratings were.At its cornerstone, it was because we trusted the audience.(At one point, amidst a creative montage of images of Shakur snuggling up sequentially with dozens of different female fans, the soundtrack turns to Sade’s When you joined the network, it was still early in the evolution of cable television. We were considered “long-form programming.” Right away I started doing documentaries. Your department was separate from the MTV News group? ” Your goal was to expand the scope of the network’s programming?Doug Herzog, who is now the president of Comedy Central—he’s the man who hired me—actually told me the story that, the day he hired me, he turned to his assistant and said, “Can you imagine doing on MTV? I started off doing artist’s biographies: Robbie Robertson, the B-52’s, and Janet Jackson. Then, in 1990, I moved over to the news area, because I thought, that’s where all the smart people were. It was very light and fun and sexy, but it was also about parental consent for abortion, homophobia in the music industry, and HIV testing. I wanted to produce programs that covered thought-provoking, interesting topics, but told in an MTV style.

“His mom had his photos and his poetry and his albums.Lazin remains committed to producing work that addresses social issues affecting contemporary youth, and she’s interested in working with the film world’s leading documentary filmmakers.As an executive who produces dozens of shows a year, she’s focused first on treating her show’s real-life characters with respect, and second with impacting viewers in a meaningful way that touches their lives.She recognizes the value of her show’s strong ratings and the importance of the MTV News and Specials department (which she formed in 1992) to the network’s public image.Her priorities, however, are more closely aligned with an activist’s or an independent filmmaker’s.

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