Musiq soulchild dating now sex dating in garber oklahoma

I was married never want that again just looking for a Sugar Daddy who will go all out on me and i him.

I need someone who will spoil me with out question who willbe there when i'm up or down and no cheating unless we agree.

Good things can still come out of this time of singleness, companionship and friendship being two of those things.

I am enjoying this tween / teen stage just as much as I have enjoyed every other one. I would love someone who put God first in there life?

Your guy may have just realized that you were not the right puzzle piece for him.

You might be the most amazing person in the world, but you are just not the exact person that he is looking for.

He dated you for a bit, but realized that you were not just perfect for him.

I am a very independant person, honest and hard working. I dont have much of a social life because i was in a three year relationship. I enjoy music artists such as Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton. I'm an outgoing, caring, considerate, compassionate, giving and loving woman. i would like for a man to spoil me and treat me like a queen plus take me on vacations. I am a romantic, funny, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, patient, compassionate person. He Realized the Relationship Is Not Right for Him This is a fairly common reason why he is hot and cold.You can never know if someone is the right for you until you get to know him better. A man who is able to have interesting conversations about this fascinating world we live in, who is committed to his beliefs and who would like to make a difference in the world (great or small), but has a mindset of improving, not only the quality of his life but others around him. If someone else will reap the benefits, I will always expand the maximum effort. I believe and doing things out of love and dont mind helping those who help themselves. I am a woman, so I'm not going to pretend I'm perfect however I have an awesome sense humor I have been called a social butterfly by many because I never meet a stranger. I have two adult children God blessed with me and an Awesome son-in-law.. I'm looking for a man who has his priorities straight and a job would be a good start. I am grateful for Nick Saban, Eli Gold, and Phil Savage, and 92 ZEW. I love being at the beach, by the water, in the water, on the water, around water (pools / hot tubs), even above water (thinking of being on the end of a pier with a glass of wine!! Sometimes it is a jeans and flip flop day, sometimes a tennis shoe day, sometimes platform heels, and every now and then I get to wear ballgowns and sparkly shoes. I'm hoping to attract a very passionate man with great morals and who knows who he is and is not afraid to have fun and laugh. I am funloving and respectable lady looking for the same in a partner..hoping to spend time outdoors and in with a willing and able bodied man.

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