Occupy wall street dating

I’ve seen a lot of SEIU, AFSCME, and Teamster members down at the Peoples’ Plaza at various points (Minneapolis) and they have coordinated some amazing turn-out for some of the marches.” On Oct.

I wish the Occupy Wall Street movement would be a little clearer about what they're protesting.

Even as it continues to grow and gain followers outside of New York, with satellite protests in more than 60 American cities as it threatens to go global, the demonstrators still haven't directly identified their enemy.

And before I can make up my mind whether or not I support them, I think they need to tell us whether this is more about money or morality.

We want to support local businesses in opposition to the corporate take-over of small businesses in our community.

In a beautiful Midrash, we’re told that when Moses was commanded to count the Jews by means of their contributing a half Shekel, Moses was baffled. Then God showed him “a coin of fire" and his mind was put at rest.

What was so difficult to grasp that caused Moses to be confused?

Did Moses need to be shown an actual coin before he could understand the meaning of half a Shekel? Fire may burn, but it can also cook, warm, and serve the most beneficial purposes. Wealth may destroy those who possess it but it can also be the source of the greatest blessing.

Related Article: Holy Money What troubles me is that much of the anger of the protesters seems to be fueled by a sentiment about wealth that Judaism long ago rejected. But from a Jewish perspective, wealth is not ignoble; it presents us with precious opportunities.

There have always been people who believed that spirituality demands that we forsake materialism. When Abraham first discovered God and gave the gift of monotheism to the world, we're told that he was divinely rewarded with prosperity.

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