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They later arranged the attack for December 12 after the girl called Jolie to says he had just had her 24-week scan.Jolie asked her to go to Angel tube and follow directions provided by Ogundele, a former pupil at St Aloysius College in Islington.I do not trust boys any more.'Because we had to move from London I have lost contact with all my friends and I don't see any of my family very often. She has also had to leave all her friends and family in London.The whole family is frightened.'This incident took place because I became pregnant to Brandon Jolie.The conversation had to be 'translated' by police because of its use of internet and youth slang. Listen I will f****** kill her.' Jolie later replied: 'I don't care if she lives or dies because the consequences of her having a child are too big for me to handle.' Ogundele then outlined his plan: 'She will come and see you, I will be waiting....

Jolie's barrister Garry Green told the court that the victim was Jolie's first girlfriend and he felt 'swamped' by the situation.He is also earned an FA coaching badge at the age of 15 and had previously played with the West Ham schoolboy team at the age of 12.Jolie had been in a relationship with the victim, from Lewisham, south east London, until August last year but they split up after she discovered she was pregnant.He had tried to persuade her to have an abortion and told her that if his mother found out she would stop paying for his tuition fees but she decided to keep the baby.On October 19 last year Jolie began complaining to Ogundele about the girl's behaviour during a chat on the MSN chat service.

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