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Kanji's realm is a steamy bathhouse, and as you make your way through it, you repeatedly hear Shadow Kanji (the embodiment of his repressed subconscious) express sexual desire for men. Here, I hoped, I would get a complex portrayal of a gay character, one who has sadly but understandably repressed his sexuality in response to societal pressure, who felt that he could not be accepted as a tough guy if people knew he was also gay.Unfortunately, Persona 4 doesn't follow through on this potential.Of course, if Naoto were a real person, anyone who requested that he change his gender presentation would not be someone who respected and cared for the person he really is.But Persona 4 doesn't raise any ethical questions about you asking Naoto to drastically change; it's as if the game thinks this is acceptable, since deep down, Naoto is "really" female anyway.

There's great potential in exploring the feelings of a young person who is struggling with his sense of gender identity. After you defeat Naoto's shadow self, Naoto explains that he read many hard-boiled crime novels as a child, and admired the cool, detached detectives in them.

It's to accept myself for who I really am." It would have been so much more interesting and believable to me if "a man" was one part of who Naoto really was.

(This doesn't mean that I think Naoto should have continued to desire surgery, as the scenario in his dungeon suggests; one can identify as and be a man or a woman regardless of one's physicality.

However, rather than embracing these traits as interesting facets of two members of the game's core group, Persona 4 ultimately rejects them. When you first hear about him, it's via a televised news report that characterizes him as a violent troublemaker.

Soon, he becomes the latest person to appear on the Midnight Channel, and you and your fellow investigation team members venture through a television and into the mysterious world on the other side where subconscious feelings and desires are manifested.

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