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My name is James Patrick and I am known by the name J. Throughout the 19th of February 2017 starting at 08.39am, I had already begun to openly challenge President Donald Trump’s account of a ‘terror attack’ in Sweden, highlighting both a low-level neo-nazi attack in January 2017, and the fact that an attack on a Turkish community centre had taken place on the date of his Florida rally a year earlier.

Throughout the 20th I continued to debunk myths on safety in Sweden, highlighting the differences between their crime recording practice and the rest of the world. I was claiming that Sweden was safe a day before the offer was made.

Infact seeing an article on there that was written by Alex Jones is more rare than seeing an article on there that actually tells the truth instead of being a manipulative form of propaganda.

Not only does Alex Jones not write a whole bunch of article on his sites, but neither does his staff.

I have given due consideration to cases such as the Hoover Flights case of 1992 – a unilateral contract offering – and the well-known case of the Carbolic Smoke Ball Company, all of which were put forwards by prominent legal figures and practitioners.

Watson’s offer falls well within the established concepts of unilateral contract.

Both are Alex Jones's main websites, and both are two of the largest conspiracy theorist websites in the world.

At 04.03am (US Time, set by Twitter, as all other times stated here) on the 20th of February 2017, Watson tweeted as follows: The unilateral offer was not withdrawn at any point and by 08.58am Watson had tweeted that he had already personally donated ,000 dollars to one journalist, Tim Pool.

Should any surplus remain in any funds raised, I will be donating them, split 50/50 between Swedish refugee and rape charities.

Should the case be successful, the damages awarded will be put to the same split of charities. I note that many journalists replied to the unilateral offer in the same way and would urge them to take similar, or class action.

Even the articles that are completely and totally original still read like they're cherry picked.

This is probably because they are written in such a way that it's obviously intended to manipulate it's readers into believing in the two sites' obscure world views.

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