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A woman I treated who was attractive and confident in her own right gained a similar reassurance from the height and size of the men to whom she was attracted.

One man, a successful attorney, was drawn to younger woman because youth symbolized (to him) an eagerness and lightness of being unblemished by the disappointments and wear and tear of life.

Below the anal valves, the zone where the anal mucosa transitions into the external skin begins.

It is called anal pecten, or also - due to its light color - zona alba.

Despite Freud's dictum, sexual preferences and fantasies, not dreams, are the royal road to the unconscious mind.

Just as knowing the shape of a key enables you to infer the shape of the lock it opens, so, too, knowing someone's preferred mode of sexual satisfaction and fantasy enables you to infer a lot about that person's inner life.

Here, the highly prismatic columnar epithelium of the rectal mucosa transitions into the uncornified squamous epithelium of the anal mucosa.

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Noting that sexting may have a different meaning to its initiator than to its recipient doesn't let the initiator off whatever "hook" his wife, colleagues, and constituents choose to put him on.

In this region, the corpus cavernosum recti, a spongy body supplied by the superior rectal artery can also be found.

On the base of the anal columns, sail-like valves are callling attention, the anal valves. In the depth, the anal or proctodeal glands can be found.

Others are more impressed with how his behavior reflects the overarching pathology of the male ego, especially those of politicians and public figures. Some people, however, are genuinely curious about the deeper psychological reasons that a successful man like Weiner who is married to a beautiful dynamo of a woman would risk his career to compulsively engage in the most superficial erotic repartee with women he doesn't know and with whom he would never consider having a real relationship.

The fact that he's apparently being treated for sexual addiction only makes it more confusing.

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